Welcome to walk with us!

We are all unique and separate, and at the same time equal and connected

It’s all about connection and trust. How we relate with our Self, our authentic self beyond all roles and facades we, consciously and unconsciously, hide behind. The more connection we have with our Self the more genuine connection, not ego-based contact, we have in all other relationships.

Reconnecting with our authentic Self, if we have lost that connection, can be done in as many ways as there are people. We all have our unique path to our Self. An often successful path is to walk in nature, take in the changes of life that Mother Earth invites us to explore. Walk out very consciously, paying attention to every step and how it feels in the body. Stay in touch with the Now, our eternal friend, with our five senses and open to more. To stay connected and follow the breathing, up and down the body, just follow and a feeling can be awakened in the body, that Mother Earth breathes with us, to more life. We can talk lovingly to Mother Earth, and we will get love answered. All love and trust in the world is here to be discovered and explored when we make the choice to re-connect with our True Self.

For all of you who want inspiration and support to walk to and in authentic connection, we are here on this conscious walking. The elephants showed me the path to re-connection and invite You to join us. They are the bearers of all the wisdom many of us humans have forgotten but which we need to resurrect. They know how to walk grounded in connection with Mother Earth and her true Self. The elephants guide us to true connection that goes through the connection with our own unique body, in all its parts, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When we are in connection with our authentic Self, we are also in connection with the joy and love of Life.

Many of us humans live our lives in and from our head, our thinking self. We are often unaware of the connection with our body, and it is first when the body and soul begin to speak to us through physical or mental pain that we perceive that there is more to discover and awaken to. What a gift it is when the body and soul begin to overwhelm the mind and we begin to listen. The body and the soul do not lie to us. They show us that we have blockages that prevent the life energy from flowing freely. Blockages that prevent us from true connection and that make our relationships largely ego based. And our mind is also amazing. When all our parts work together in peace, everything is possible. Everything is energy, in different forms. Thoughts are also energy. Our thoughts are fantastic, but often they take us away from the Now and often it is our thoughts that make us feel stressed and anxious. As human beings, we have our free will to expand our consciousness, to make ourselves aware here and Now of what is going on within us, and that what is going on within us right now creates our future. To open up to energy changes lives. When we are connected with our authentic Self, we open our hearts to true soulful relationships. With our will, we all have the opportunity to open up to the wonderful mystery of life as it is to live life to the fullest in genuine loving relationships.

Everyone who wants to open up to true joyful and soulful connections is warmly welcome on a walk. During our journey, we follow the energy that flows here and now, this is not therapy, it is a life in connection.

Who or What am I?

Is the question to come back to, again and again. There is always more to discover and embrace. What is it that I have put in the shadow that controls my life, unconsciously, that prevents me from living life fully beyond the fears of not being good enough, not fitting in, not being loved etc. The contours of our shadow are all different, but in the depths of the shadow, we are the same. The elephants know how to walk their shadow and let others walk with theirs, but they also know how to share their wisdom when you ask to walk with them. They support you one step at a time when you want to expand your awareness of what is hiding in your shadow. The more you know and consciously embrace of your shadow, the freer you will be to live your life in presence and love. And we do not walk into history, we stay in the Now. What emerges from the shadows during the walk is transformed in the steps we take here and now.

We walk out into nature together and let meetings along the path lead us. We are all part of the group and we all have different contributions to add to the whole. During the walk, we explore different paths and ways of walking, in order to expand consciousness. The walks have various themes. Under “Afoot” are the current walks for everyone who wants to walk with us as a group. We also create group walks for you who have your own group you want to play, rejoice and deepen the connection with.

We also invite you to in-depth walks in the form of Playgrounds. This is for us who want to take powerful steps in the exploration of the path of life to get connections in new liberating and enriching way with life that is going on here and now. We challenge ourselves to open up that our story that controls us may not be the true reality but just a story that we have told over and over again, consciously and unconsciously. A story that today makes us live in an illusion of reality. Which creates our future and prevents us from living life to the fullest and taking advantage of all the possibilities in life that exist in the present moment. During a playground, we open up to the true reality in true contact, here and now. Here we ground ourselves in our bodies in the Now and joy is present.

An inspirational lecture can be a first step to open the door to gain knowledge of other and new paths. Be inspired by Katarina’s walk with the African elephants, how she has changed and is changing her perspectives, to live in trust in life here and now. From a life with and in control, as professional auditor and an expert on internal control, to let go of control. A whole new perspective on what control is, from being limiting to creating energy and life. To follow the flowing energy in the Now.

An outer journey can be the beginning of an inner journey. We step out of our ordinary everyday life and create room for new experiences. If we do it very consciously, it will change us and our world. The journey takes us to Botswana to physically experience the elephants and their friends and to listen to what they want to convey to us.

The walks take place in the outer at the same time as in the interior. We walk alone or together in a group. If you have a desire to live freer and joyfull in connection with the life that is lived here and now, you are welcome to join us for a walk, a walk that changes lives. You are welcome to contact Katarina for more information about what a walk can lead to and how different walks are carried out.