Interactive lectures with slide shows that invite participants to reflections and new perspectives on and in Life.


The mirror is there, in the most unexpected places when we start to see. When we live aware in the present, we realize that life reflects us. In the Now we open up and see, and shifts of perspective takes place. Now we see what we did not see before. What’s out there is in here, and what’s in here is out there. We realize that everything is within us, and we see that it is we ourselves who create the reality we see and live in. And when we do not see, life supports us to reflect ourselves. And we can choose whether we want to see the mirror out there and what it wants to tell us or not… But it is existing, in this Now!

You who want to open up to see how the world reflects you are warmly welcome to an interactive lecture where we follow life that reflects us all the time. During the lecture, you will also be able to mirror yourself in Katarina’s experiences of how life changes as we expand our consciousness and open ourselves to Who We Are beyond our conditioned “ego self”.

Walking home in the company of the elephants!

Join Katarina’s winding journey home. A journey where she had to travel far, on many levels, before she started walking with the Elephants again. The physical journey to begin the walk home lead Katarina to Botswana and the encounter with the African elephants. To the Elephants who remember and know what trust and love are. The elephants that she walked with as a child but which were eventually forgotten. These wise beings invited Katarina into their kingdom and to reconnect with them and with who she is in her origin. They reflect her in different ways to meet her Self and others with respect, love, and trust. And that we may all be a little shy before we dare to make connect and show ourselves. The elephants know that it’s all about how we relate to ourSelves. And they show us that it is never too late to reconnect with the love and trust that is in all of us.

From control to trust – an Elephant walk

Letting go of control can be perceived as frightening but also absolutely wonderful. For what is control? And what is trust? These are questions that will touch and be touched during the lecture. The elephants will show us the way through the lecture and further out by inviting us to the life that is going on here and now.

The elephants changed Katarina’s life. For many years she worked with external and internal auditing as a specialist in governance, management and control. Both professionally and privately, she was an expert on this. She tried to control life, letting go of control and opening up to trust in life was a long journey. A journey that began in the outer to now be integrated with the inner journey. Today she invites people to walks for those who want to experience the life energy flow in and through the body. Discovering and exploring how we, often unconsciously, control ourselves is the beginning of more life in life. When the realization that we ourselves are the greatest obstacle to living our lives in joy and love is fully embodied, we begin the journey. Welcome!


To meet in balance…

We know in the depths of our hearts that we are all part of the whole, that together we are whole, that we are all whole. We all participate in the mystery of life, more or less consciously, and contribute to the whole with our various gifts. When we meet and really see each other, we weave together the beautiful weave of life. A weave of love, trust, respect, integrity, power, beauty, and joy.

Everyone who wants to join and “weave” with us is warmly welcome to participate in this playground which has its starting point from our five senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. For five evenings, we explore and experience how we participate and live in the world through our senses. We end with a sixth evening where we weave together our lessons about and in the whole. Welcome to the walk of life in the Now.

Assembling the puzzle of Life!

This “playground” is for you who want to be an active part in loving creation of the puzzle of Life.

We all have a purpose in life! Why me, you, and we are all walking here right now in this time and space. By opening up to the mystery of life with joy, we take steps in exploring what we are here to contribute. In this “playground” you get to try out different pieces of the puzzle in a playful and trusting way. You are given the opportunity to find your unique piece of the puzzle and experience the joy when your piece of the puzzle fits into the whole.