Here you meet wonderful people who are important to me on my walk in life. We all contribute with our unique gifts to expand awareness of how we are part of the life that flows here and now.

Kent Falk works as an engineer but also as a dedicated photographer with a love for animals and nature. For many years he has been a member of Mölnlycke photo club and is interested in sharing his experiences and knowledge with other fellow human beings. He has studied photography at HDK-Valand and at Luleå University, but above all it is his own studies and experimentation that lead him forward. Kent is the one who contributed with most of the photographs to this website, but here captured on picture by Katarina, in action at his favorite destination Okavango in Botswana.

With his pictures, Kent wants to awaken us to see and value life around us. It can be all from the smallest insects to the largest mammals that capture his interest. Welcome to take part in the slide show Kent did as part of his studies at HDK-Valand. It is high time for us to wake up and realize the consequences of our handling for Mother Earth and for all of us who live here.

The photographs are for sale, both as fine art print, canvas, and digitally, to all who shares the love to nature’s healing nature. You are most welcome to contact Kent at

I met Bee, Boago Poloko, on my first walk with the elephants at Abu in the Okavango Delta. He became the bridge between me and the physical elephants at the first meeting, a meeting that changed me for life. The African elephant is the largest terrestrial animal, immensely powerful with a magical energy. I was filled with longing to finally get to meet the elephants but also a little afraid of their power and greatness. I am deeply grateful to Bee and the Abu Herd who invited me into their universe which made me open new doors to more life.

In 2018, Bee, together with Deborah Stevens and Scott Jackson, founded Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation with the mission of protecting and conserving African elephants. They have received permission by the Botswana government to rescue and care for orphaned baby elephants. Outside Maun on the edge of the Okavango Delta, they have created a protected area where the orphaned elephants can grow up and then be returned to the wild. They work closely and actively with the local communities to create an understanding of nature and wildlife and how we humans can live in co-existence with the elephants and everyone else. Bee is passionate to introduce children at an early age to meet and learn about the elephants and what they as ambassadors for all of us living beings want to tell us about the love and life on Mother Earth. I am sincerely happy and grateful to be a supporter and a part of the Elephant Havens family. Welcome to read more about Elephant Havens and to contribute to their work for and with the African elephants on their website Elephant Havens.