The elephants took me out into the river of the unknown to get to the Source of all Life!

During my walk I have met and meet different beings who all have something to tell me. About themselves, me, us, and the world. In the past, I did not really listen and often missed what was actually conveyed. I heard the words and saw the visible, what my five senses told me. Or more correctly, to varying degrees what the senses told me. I barely listened to my body at all. During the examination day for the Psychosynthesis training “Internal and External Leadership”, the words came to me, which became my “statement” at the examination, words conveyed by the Elephants. They told me Listen…             in every heartbeat is the truth”

Here we share what our friends, that we encountered on our walks, told and showed us. Welcome to meet and open up for whoever tells you about Life and Love that we are here to live when we open our hearts and steps into the unknown, to the field of all possibilities.

Flowing Purifying Energy!

When I now feel the power from the depths of stillness, I come back up new, whole, pure, layers upon layers of old worn-out identities have been washed away and I am polished by Mother Earth. Healing pure energy flows around, in, and through me.

Mother Earth invites me, and all of us, to let go, flow and play in this wonderful magical Now.

And We can all Play!

Up and Down, and Up again and again… But maybe you´re like me, who needs to go down into the depths, the depth of mySelf to get back to the Contact. The contact with our true Self to dare to play again…

And Now I know that courage is within all of us, but perhaps deeply hidden from ourselves until one fine day we take that breath and dive down to come up and out again, renewed, purified as who we are in our origins.

And Now I show up!!!

Now, we’re playing, Beloved Child!

The One I now take seriously is You, beloved wonderful pure joyful Child in Me who knows what it is like to play, love, and rejoice in the Now…

And here I show up,

Did you find it difficult to find me? I who am so big! Did you not search the depths?

I’m also playing hide-and-seek, as we all are. It is so much fun when we are in contact. And we deepen our connection the more we share with each other how joyful it is to play together here and now.

Do You find Me?

I’m also part of the play hide and seek, just in another costume.

We are all playmates in the whole, Soul-Mates, playing together in the vivid Now. It’s fun, magical, and absolutely wonderful to play together.

Come on you too and feel the life energy flowing through you too. In this play we are all free, free to live our lives as we truly are.

Look, Here I Am!

I’m also playing hide and seek.

Size, appearance, yes, we all play together, regardless of shapes, colors, ages…Together we know that all those facades are just something we play with in our play of hide and seek.

The freedom lies in playing aware of the joy that flows through us all the time and going beyond what seems to hide us for each other. In the present we meet as who we truly are. In pure joy to live here and now, together.


And you found ME. Now, that You know Who I AM, we play together, light and joyfully, bursting with life energy. Gone are all the old power games, where there were winners and losers, bigger and smaller, above and below, old and young… Those were the games we played when we didn’t know our true Self. In those days when we were afraid of Who or What was hiding behind the bushes. Now, we know that in those games there were only losers, no one was a winner.

Now, when the fear is gone, we all play together. We now know the difference between playing for power and the life-giving PLAY. And we play together in the pure joy of living connected.

Yes, on the outside we may look different and therein lies the joy, to be able to share how I and YOU experience the world with these bodies. We all have wisdom to share. The more we share how we live connected, the more the joy and love to experience and live fully, Here and Now, expands.

We play hide-and-seek, You and I, We, All of Us who want to join. And We Know it, We Choose to Play Together. Because through the healing power of authentic play, we take step by step to even more joy, love, and freedom to live here and now together in contact. Yes, because You have seen the whole of Me. I hide nothing from You, My Love.


All these invisible battles that were going on inside of me, and that I played out as if they were real. And to me they were very real. Those around me did not see who I was fighting with but were still affected. Until I started to see the battles for what they are, taking responsibility for my thoughts and feeling and understand what they create … The life I live.

Now, I live aware seeing what is not visible, but which affects me, everyone I meet and Life. And Now, in the present moment, in the middle of a “fight” I realize, this is fun. This is not to “fight”, it is another part of me that I discover and get to play with. We roll around together in joy. Wow what enrichment to unleash the power in me, the playfulness that takes me to even more connection, joy, and love. And I realize that deep inside of me there was some part that did not consider me worthy of this, to play and rejoice. Now you are, consciously, a part of me. Included. Integrated. We are one. We rejoice, play and love.

Come along and explore who it really is you’re fighting with. And be free, free to laugh at and with you, me, and ourselves. Free to say No when someone, or something, wants to drag you into a fight. Now, We choose the joy and the love and leave the wars and the fights in peace.


When I act like the spider and open all my eyes, I see life everywhere. Even where I used to not experience life. I feel life vibrating with joy in my body. And I open my eyes even more and take in all the beauty that is around me and in Me, in this Now. Grateful that the fear of the uncontrollable movements of the spiders is gone. We are not here to control anyone or anything and thereby strangle life. Now when I meet you spider, face to face, we are all free. Free to simply and joyfully follow life’s uncontrollable movements.

Thank you, You wonderful, beautiful, shimmering spider who wants to show us all how we expand consciousness of life when we live connected. A choice we all have. When we meet with all our eyes open to the life that is going on here and now, together we create joy, beauty, and love. The mystery of life is lived in the Now and the clues to all joy are everywhere when we open our eyes and follow the dance of life.


We all have the power to break through the surface of our conditioned self and let trust, joy, and love into our lives.

We dive again and again into our depths and discover more and more of the gifts that are within us but were hidden as long as we lived on the surface. On the surface we were affected by the slightest ripple and perhaps worried about the wave that might come and knock us over or waited for the wind to take us out on the adventure.

Now, in the depths we find stillness and connection to Our True Self. We learn to easily and joyfully follow life’s changes into Life’s adventure.

And jumps in the pure joy of living Here and Now.


Or do you see someone or something else? What we see depends on what our conditioned mind, the ego self, has been taught to see. We realize that the choices we have made, consciously and unconsciously, in our lives have brought us to exactly where we are right now. When we realize this, that we are not the conditioned self, we are Free.

The whale invites us down into our inner depths. Here we meet all our parts and realize that we have everything within us, what we are looking for out there is here inside. The whale wants to show us that in the stillness of our inner depths is, has always been, and will always be, our True Self.

We are all free to see the choices we all have. The choices to go beyond our conditioned self, to explore and develop the connection with our True Self.


Thank you Beloved elephants who really know how to live in joy and with playful simplicity choose “make-up” suitable for the environment right now. When I now learn from the elephants to follow the path of joy and simplicity, it naturally falls to me which “role” I am taking on in the moment and why. And when the moment is over, so is the role, just like in any play. In the past, the roles stuck, cemented, and became hard shells and I had no idea who I really was. The cementation more and more prevented the life energy from flowing. Life became restrictive, confined, and a struggle.

Now, the life energy flows freely as I walk in touch with my true Self and the elephants. And I can, in pure joy, choose to put on make-up, to perhaps appear in a more beautiful light. But the elephants know that no make-up in the world hides who I, and we, really are. When I was so weighed down by all the mud I couldn’t see through either my own shell, or that of others. And the shell prevented me from connection. And to live connected with other living souls, dancing, rejoicing, and loving was what I longed for the most. And that connection begins from within mySelf. Now I know that it is only myself who can choose to get into the river for a lovely cleansing bath. Step by step slowly and safely wash away all the layers of mud to more and more connection, here and Now.


I was the piece of the puzzle that never fitted in. Everyone else belonged and fitted perfectly into the great puzzle of life, but I did not. I felt as I was just wrong for most of the time. For most of my life I have lived with this view of the world. Think, how wrong I have been all the time.

The feeling of being wrong and not fit in made me look outside of myself for the missing pieces of the puzzle that would make me whole. Mostly unconsciously, I tried to conform to what everyone else believed and thought. And I was successful in dressing in different roles suitable for different occasions. On the outside I may have become “richer” but on the inside “poorer”, and in the end I had no connection at all with my true Self.

There are no words to describe the gratitude to the African Elephants who on our walks taught me to ground myself in my body and reconnect with Mother Earth and mySelf in the Now. They know that we are now living connected, and that makes the whole difference. They walk with me and show me that in every encounter, we all have something valuable to share, Our Presence. The presence that opens us to the possibility of true connection.

I See… YOU

And Now, I See You for Who and What You Are…

You reach out and invite me to dance. Free from fear I thank Yes!!! And We dance together here and now, without stepping on each other’s toes anymore.

The dance of life flows smoothly and joyfully grounded in love in the vivid Now.

I See…my Self…

I see my Self in You… You in me…

And we are Free. Free when I take responsibility for myself, my feelings, and thoughts.

Purely and simply, the energy flows in, through and around us.

The Thinker… the Beloved!

Thank you, beloved You, you who for so many years worked hard and created for me a successful career, many degrees, and a place in many wonderful contexts and communities.

For some time now, you have rested and other parts of me have been liberated, explored, developed, and expressed. You have supported with inspiring thoughts, but above all, you have in serenity opened up spaces beyond thoughts.

In the Now, connected and in balance with all the other parts, you dance joyfully into life again in a whole new way.

The Paradoxes of Life…

The void holds everything, everything within us all

to Do ∞ to Be

Light ∞ Darkness

Joy ∞ Sadness

Love ∞ Fear

Strength ∞ Vulnerability

… ∞  …

Everything & Nothing


Lightning fast and fearsome, you could emerge from the depths and sink your teeth into your victim, tearing it to pieces with your incredible power. Now you show your other side, as the infinitely tender, responsible, and loving mother you are when you put your children in safety with your huge gape.

You are Everything, Everything is You! Just As We All Are. Within us is everything!

Thank you, Dear Crocodile, for all the years you protected me as you swam around in the moat around the castle and made it impregnable. You knew your mission and you executed it perfectly. Now that you are invited into the whole, you share generously all your qualities, and your enormous power is now used in the service of love.

Now that you get up and out and show your whole Self, you realize that you are not alone. You have so many friends who, now that you show yourSelf fully, dare to approach you. The dragonfly took the first step… Do you see her? Now she shows others the way to face the fear in themselves… the encounter that brings us into connection… here and Now, in Love.

Joy – Enjoy – Rejoice

NOW, I do what I am “best” at. I Am MySelf. I enjoy and rejoice in my company here with You Mother Earth. Enjoying all You offer Me and all of us as we open ourselves to receive Your innumerable gifts.

Thank you Beloved!

I smile and rejoice the Present!

Whole and perfect as I AM!!!

At last!!! At last, I listen to You my Heart and realize that I have always been, am, and will be WHOLE, just like Everyone else is whole and perfect as They Are. We Are All Whole in the wholeness of the Now.

And if someone claims otherwise, that I am not whole and perfect, I stay connected with my True Self. I feel the warmth and life inside and know that it is enough that I know what my truth is, and let others be with their truth. All of us have the truth within us when we listen.

Grounded and connected, I walk Here in the Now and invite you to connect. Yes, Now I know that I am alive, connected, whole and holy as I AM.


We continue our walk connected… rejoicing at every step…and inviting you to connect here and now. The connection that creates magic, love, and joy as We walk forward together as Who We Are beyond all illusions.

We wish everyone to experience this bubbling, joyful life energy that is so healing… We feel people’s pains, fears, and longings… but We can do nothing more than continue Our journey and share Our lessons with those who want to tune in. And how others respond, we can’t do anything about. We know that Everyone can experience this life energy and that the key is the CONNECTION in the Now.

We humbly give thanks for all the enriching encounters We have had and let go… Yes, everyone is here to walk at their own pace, a pace that may not match ours anymore… And then We meet when our hearts beat in rhythm again…

We continue to walk connected with Mother Earth and continue to invite you, to reconnect with Our True Self. Thank you Beloved for all the wisdom, patience, courage, and love!

Welcome to dance with ME…

I participate in the dance of life unbound and free. I reach out and invite you to dance with me in this Now.

Are you hesitating?… Are you saying no?… Are you saying yes?… The choice is yours and I know your choice has nothing to do with me. You may still believe that… if you still are afraid of Me…

I welcome you… Now… to take the step forward to connect with Me. Now, connected you too know that you are free. And you realize that the one you are afraid of you give your power to, and then you experience yourself being controlled.

Welcome to dance with us in the joyful dance where no one controls your steps.

HOPPET… The Hope ∞ The Leap

Do you see with what ease I leap. With unwavering confidence in my own power, I show with grace that anything is possible when we are open to our true Self.

I am power and love personified, all that you too Are, We all ARE when we live in harmony here and now connected, heart to heart free from the fear of living connected.

You see, we all have this magical power within us in this Now to make the leap. What are you waiting for? Do you live on the hope that something or someone out there has to change… if only that happens… Yes, then you can live happily, in peace and love… If you believe that, you are giving away your power. Your power is yours, and with it you change lives. When you take responsibility for your power, you can create all the good in life that you desire.

Welcome to leap with me in this Now free to love and be loved as who we are, our true Self!

Mother Earth’s Nutritious Gifts…

Now that’s enough! I’m not taking any more shit!

I am standing here firmly connected with Mother Earth! And for a while I can, consciously, hold your shit if you’re willing to take your responsibility. I pray that you will realize that you are throwing away the best of you, the pure power and love when you don’t want to take care of your own shit. The shit also comes from Mother Earth and it contains all the nourishment our souls need to grow and flourish. Everything belongs together. We all belong together.

What you see in me is yourself. I know that beneath the surface, maybe the only you see right now, my big warm heart beats for you and everyone else. Mother Earth teaches me, and anyone who wants to, how we transform shit into the purest nourishment as we walk forward here together in this NOW. We walk safe in our power and love. We expand consciousness, are here for each other, develops, love and be loved, and rejoice in living this magical Life full of possibilities.


Do you see the heart? Do you see that I guide you when you follow your heart’s desire… In Trust you rest in Me and let Me carry you along the path of love.

In Our connection You have all the courage and the power. NOW You choose Your Self… You include All parts of you… Whole… realize that it was you, by previously excluding parts of yourself, that created the feeling of exclusion and rejection. Now you know with every cell in your body that no one can reject you unless you first reject yourself. NOW, when You choose to include your entire True Self and share it with the world, We are always together, forever One. FREE FREE FREE ALL OF US ARE FREE in this Now living connected with our true Self.

Connected with our True Self, we are free to love, rejoice, dance, and celebrate in Living here and Now in a world full of possibilities that our heart guides us to.


The old suit got too tight…

Now it’s done… I’m sitting here drying a bit… Now totally ready to test my wings. Ready to take off, hover and light in this Now. I SEE life and the world through new eyes. And I now realize how easy it can be to fly unlike when I was stuck in my old body.

I thank you for allowing me for so long to grow and develop in your protective shell until I realize time is now and it is Now and it is Now and it is Now. We are all constantly changing in this vivid NOW!

Deeply grateful to live trustfully connected with you, Mother Earth and follow your movements and accompany you in this development… there are no words to describe how GRATEFUL I Am. GRATEFUL GRATEFUL GRATEFUL


And today I meet You… like this, in this shape… I also know how to transform… I grow, develop, and shed skin… just as You can… that’s how We live in this Now… Timeless… In constant change… In expansion to more life in Life Here and Now!

I have all shapes and yet none… what You see I become… We together…

You can, You Too… EVERYONE Can, if the Will is there… Transform into Living in Joy and Love… In This Now… The Choice is free and Yours…

Mother Earths Abundance

In full Trust, in this Now I surrender myself to You to guide my steps. You take me forward and show me all Your wealth.

You show me, once again, that when we take the time to be still and connected, all the wealth is right Here, right at our feet. You also make me turn around and See! Yes… when I look back where I come from, by changing perspective, I see even more of Your gifts, Now that I stay here in the Now in touch with You. I am so deeply grateful for all that You share with me, and with all of us, with all of us who want to meet You just as You are, Here and Now. Thank you Beloved Mother Earth.

Aware of You!

Here I lie… Fully aware of you… Welcome closer… yes, you dare… you too… the closer you get to me the more you sense the power… the courage to meet Me in You… you have it… you too… I have waited so long for You Beloved… Now I know that you know how we converse and co-create in this Now. All of us walking here right now, together, all of Us have the most beautiful present to share… the love of meeting as who we Are… beyond all the facades and games that keep us trapped and out of touch. Now we walk connected forever in freedom, in joy, in love!


Now… I Show Me for You… See! In trust everything is possible…
I get close to You… Now… to show You that You can… You too… Raise yourSelf… Come up… Come out… Show You… Your True Self… For The World…

Welcome to the lovely ride…

Our Mother invites us on the lovely ride of life… when we show her respect and gratitude. She teaches us how to glide forward together and enjoy the journey. Confidently she guides us forward as we explore the world together, connected with the whole.

When We are ready and truly want to learn about the mystery of relationships, She is here sharing her wisdom. By resting confidently against her body and letting her carry Us forward in willingness to listen with our whole Being, love begins to flow freely again in and between Us.

And Now, Now we enjoy gliding forward here together, easily and effortlessly in trust.

Life is everywhere…

When I let go of the fear of what I would face, I realize that there is life and love everywhere. Thank you beloved spiders who for so long had to carry my fear of life, life that moves uncontrollably. To the understanding that here and now is where life goes on, in the constant uncontrollable living flow in the Now.

You show us that it is not the unknown we should be afraid of, but the known we do not see when we do not want to open our eyes. You, with all your eyes wide open, teach us to open our eyes to the mystery of life, and we see that the clues to joy and love in life are everywhere. Life welcomes us on the journey home to our true Self and with each step fear is transformed into more life in life.

Life-giving and Healing Meetings…

We gather around the waterhole again… some whiter and grayer, others brown or blonde, some more wrinkled than others, slimmer or rounder, but beyond all our outer features we meet as those we are in this Now.

And We no longer see the facades, but the ones we once were, that time Is Now, the ones we are in our origin. We share laughter and crying, and everything in between, everything exists in this Now. And a healing takes place when we now see what we did not see then and we take responsibility for what we unconsciously place on others, what we could not see in ourselves.

We all meet at the life-giving waterhole! Everyone is included and welcome! We all meet in this Now!

Goofy, Loving, Wrinkled, Powerful, Pink, Childish, Sad, Different, Free, Ugly, Enviable, Relaxed, Gray, Angry, Courageous, Fatty, Afraid, Weird, Awesome, Funny,…. And absolutely Adorable…

Do you know… You can think and feel exactly what you want about me… Here I stand and enjoy Life. Yes, I enjoy just being here whole and alive, filled of Joy.

I cared so much about what You and others would think of me… But You you did not see me, you were busy thinking about yourself by not thinking about your Self but about what you thought others thought and felt about you and how you should behave in all that spinned around you… Yes, Who is really You and Who is really Me?

Now, Now You know the truth that when You see and know Your Self, You also know Me.

The Helping Hand…

… You are here when I myself do not reach. Now I see You, and I dare to receive what You offer. In deep gratitude I open up for your help and support. Your hand possesses the most incredible power while being magically soft and sensitive. You show me that together we are so much more than the parts of us. And you teach me that we do not have to see everything to experience the whole.

Who Are You ∞ Who Am I

There you are and here I am. And here you are and there I am.

You observe… Seeing Me and first I get scared…

But You stand there with so much love in your eyes, and Now I realize You are I, We are One. We are One, in here and out there for everything is One.

And the fear that kept me captive for so long is transformed in Your love, in Our love, into joy and Pure Love and now We play together as We have always done, but as I forgot, We together, EveryOne.

The impossible is possible

Love and peace are within us… connected we spread it over the world… Grateful for a wonderful walk in common presence… Thank you Mother Earth for beautiful encounters… all of us who move connected with You … who shows that the impossible is possible… when we live in trust that our “wings” carry … Is Everything Possible!

Grounded in presence, a Present to all of us

That is the gift the Elephants showed me, a gift that is here for all of us to experience. It is the gift that changes our lives, everyone’s lives. To ground ourselves in the Now and make ourselves aware that in every moment we make the choice of how we want our future to take shape.

That gift and power is within all of us. If we believe otherwise, we give away our power. In humble gratitude to the love of the Elephants, I now walk grounded and invite all of you who want to walk with us in this expanding consciousness to join the walk in love and peace.

Connected in Love…

Now We, You and I meet, beyond all facades and roles that we played and hid behind. Facades that we believed gave us protection and power. You whisper to me “Do you feel now … We are connected… You needed to get to know me, and I needed to know you”. Together, we built trust by opening ourselves to each other. It is wonderfully beautiful when we share our desire for love and peace with each other, with all that it contains as presence, respect, integrity, dignity and acceptance for Who We Are. In the same spirit we now share our fears that kept us apart. Together we explore and deepen our connection as we walk the path of love.

You showed me with your courage to take the first step forward in love that you choose love. You invited me to make the same choice. A choice we can all make. You whisper to me… “Remember that We are all co-creators in and to the universe we live in, in every moment you have the choice to choose love over fear”.

Relaxation and tranquility

The King of animal shows us that we all can do as he does… relax and in stillness listen inward. With each conscious breath, peace and tranquility ensues in our bodies and mind. And our natural rhythm and balance is restored.

We do as the king, stretch out and reconnect with Mother Earth and experience how we all belong to the whole. She whispers to us all “Now… come out, come out, and breathe with me… it’s no longer time to hide, it’s time to set love in motion. Your hearts carry the answers, we are all connected.”

My Best Friend!

You taught me to be my own best friend. Because if I couldn’t be my own best friend and love myself just as I am, how could I then love someone else for just who she is? You are so wise, step by step you guided me to accept and forgive myself and showed that this is the way to live connected. To love mySelf is to love others. We are all connected, even if we are not always aware of it.

So now I whisper to You what You have been waiting so long to hear from me … “I love mySelf”

Beloved Ella!

You remained faithful… waiting for me… for me to remember You and bring You home to me. You who I created in kindergarten. And who lived with me for so many years. First on the shelf above my bed and then higher up in the bookshelf to one day move up to the attic. And I totally forgot you.

Then life took a turn and when I felt most hurt and abandoned, You stood there. So many years as You have been waiting for me and Now I knew that You were the most valuable thing for me to bring with me from my parental home. I’m so happy that we’re walking together again, now, consciously. And that You Now want me to share our love and show You to the whole world.


You teach me to be inspired… To consciously open myself to You. Now you show me the way. How We go up to the surface and breath in, into each cell and then we exhale and sink deeper into the body. Up and Down, In and Out, the eternal flow.

I gratefully open myself to Your healing power and let You wash away the pain of shutting You out for so long. Now I take You into my whole body, oh what a difference from when I just breathed shallowly. Unconsciously, I was afraid of You and Your power. Today I am so amazed how I could believe that this was what it was like to live, to quickly take a few superficial breaths. It was to survive, not to live. Now you teach me to live consciously, with You in Me, with every breath. When We breathe together, We are connected with all life, it is to live and not just survive.

Me … Flirting?

Oh No, not me… But You maybe, who cannot distinguish a flirt from true love. For that you have to change perspectives my Dear.

Look at me, now… can you see what I’m doing? One eye is seeing inward… the other outward… In balance… And you will find that True Love is waiting for you.

Beloved Mind…

Our journey has been long, and it continues, from the head out into the whole body. Thank you, beloved, for all you have done and are doing, and for struggling with me all these years. Without you, I would not have walked with the Elephants in this Now. So much knowledge you have acquired and managed, from science to economics and on to behavioral science and more. We have been and are constantly evolving. Now on many more levels than only academic. You teach me that You are everywhere, not just in the head, but in the whole body. And Now, that I no longer stand in the way of you and let you co-create with all our parts, You show me your true intelligence. You are so much more than I could understand, and I’m sorry I quarreled with you, but I wanted to understand everything. Now that we all dance together, joy flows through us. The ease with which you take your steps forward in trust is wonderful to be a part of. Thank you Dear!

Beloved Body…

… now I’m taking care of you. So many years you were just there for me without me even noticing you. I only noticed you when “you” complained. And I did everything to silence you. I’m so sorry it took so long for me to start listening to your wisdom. Now, step by step, You show me that it is through You that I really live life. Without contact with You, life is an empty facade. Now we experience the true life that pulsates, here and now. But first I needed to start trusting you again. You who I shut out for so long when I “lived” from the head. It hurt too much to feel You, beloved body. Now You tell me the truth, that it is through You when we live connected, the healing takes place. Paradoxically, like much in life, healing takes place by embracing the pain. You teach me that it was my thoughts, that something was wrong, that stood in the way of healing. Body, You know how to heal when I stop working against you. Now We walk together and I enjoy living inside whole of You, And You rejoice that I Now embrace You fully.

The Yogi King…

…welcomes us on the journey into our magical body, the body for all life. We enjoy the company, release all thoughts that want to label, judge and value You, You beloved body. We only Are, follow You as the guide, experiences the sensations of life that vibrates within us to more connection. We let our breaths take us even deeper into full presence. We greet the rising sun and give thanks for yet another day open to the mystery of life. Thank you beloved body that opens the gate to presence and love.

The Philosopher

Thank You, wonderful You who right now see You and realize that You are not the philosopher who wants to figure out the answer to the question. You are I. Now together. We rest in peace here with the philosopher who knows that when the pieces of the puzzle are put together, the new understanding opens up.

Thank you, the philosopher now I know how valuable part you have been and are for the whole. Now we walk peacefully together in love, trust and respect open to Life.

May I give You a flower?

For You are beautiful as a flower. I see your “thorns” as if you want to scare me away, but beyond them I see your longings to receive the gift.

How difficult we make it for ourselves when we are afraid, often unconscious, of what the gift can contain. Does the donor want anything in return from me, or?

Now we stay connected, Here and Now, and everything is clear. In the gift lies joy and love. When we meet in true connection, We are both donors and recipients, recipients and donors in the constant flow. Everything is open and nothing is hidden when we meet as our true Selfs.

Who observes Who?

Who do You see? And Who do I see? Do We See Each Other? What I see may not be what you see at all. And what you think I see is perhaps something completely different from what I see, even though we observe the same “thing” or event. The more I open up to “Who am I” and live connected with the Observer within me, I realize that the path to genuine encounters is that I stay connected with the Observer. The Observer who rests in the Now and make me aware when thoughts and feelings try to pull me away from the Now into old stories. When that happens, I am not open to seeing reality as it is, instead I see it through old patterns that create a reality that no one else experiences. Others, they experience their realities through their patterns. And we can choose to live like this in different realities without true connection, thinking we observe the same “thing”. Until the day we choose to listen to our inner Observer who wants to guide us to genuine encounters in love. All of Us grounded in our true Self, curious and open to Who I Am and Who You Are! Now We Meet and See Each Other!

The Dance of Life!

Ongoing in this Now. I feel how the energy pulsates in my legs and spreads throughout the body. I love to dance! Do you see how we hover when we let life take us out into the dance?

I who was told that I could not dance. Something I believed in for so long. Now I know something else… That we can all dance when we listen inwards… The body knows how and takes us out into the vortex of dance when we let go of our fear of not knowing how to take the next step… We are all invited to this joyful dance…

Welcome to the vortices of dance and feel life pulsate through you to more life in Life.

Grumpy… Me?

Not me not… See, take in the power of the buffalo… Feel how it feels in the body when you hold on to a thought, opinion, experience that makes you end up in defense or maybe going to attack. What would it be like to take the buffalo by the horns and look into your innermost being, make yourself aware that it is your own buffalo you are meeting. Though you so gladly believe that it is someone else who is the buffalo in your life. We all have a buffalo in us that wants to teach us something about ourselves.

A wonderful buffalo that gives us as a gift that the best way to meet other buffaloes is to be friends with our own buffalo. Connected, we are grounded in the Now. Now, take in the power, own it, do not give it away to those you think are the buffaloes. When we stay connected we are free from old patterns of protecting and defending ourselves. Connected, we are ready to meet other buffaloes on our walk in life with an open heart and see that they, just like you were, are afraid of their own power.

Everyone we meet on our walk offers us the opportunity to heal our old wounds and open to love in and to life. The buffaloes know they do not have to show their power, they are connected. It is we humans, when we are not connected with our own buffalo, who have a need to play the role of buffalo to scare and try to take power from those who are not aware of the game.

Now look at the buffalo with new eyes, do you see how he lives in peaceful coexistence with all beings who respect him? We humans also have that choice. And it begins with living in peaceful coexistence with all parts of ourselves.

Filled of Joy!

Here you lie and enjoy life! Happy to just be. Fearless of me, even though we are close now. I thank the elephants who teach me how to walk in connection in the Now. When I walk conscious in the present moment, I am just a human being, one among all the other sentient beings that walks here on Mother Earth. In the past, when I was walking without the company of the elephants, the other beings fled and did not let me get close. They knew I was someone to be afraid of, because I was unconsciously afraid of them and of myself. When I walk in presence, I am welcomed as one of all beings who live in love and respect for and with each other.

The Flower Girl!

You Are The Beauty! That blooms from the inside out. Thank you beloved, who invite us to see what may be hidden from us when we have forgotten our connection. You show us that we all have the beauty within us. And that we can all make it flourish. When we live connected and our hearts beat in pace with Mother Earth’s, we see the beauty in full bloom wherever we go. NOW, NOW and NOW We are walking here together.

I have a dream…

Look into my eyes… who do you see? Look deeper… and it’s the similarities you see. Yes, there you are, you too. Now, connected do you see the similarities?!

When you choose to focus on the differences, you do not see Me and we are not connected. See the similarities and not what sets us apart… because it is much much minor than you think… Herein lies the key, what you choose to focus your awareness on grows.

My dream that I live is that we choose to see our similarieties and open our hearts to connect. Listen to your heart… It guides you to the love that unites us all.

I’m taking the vanguard…

Everything is possible when I have Love behind my back. Yes, it’s my mother! Do you know her? She’s so proud of me. And for my courage to take the lead and show you Love.

I am going to meet You now, You who want to experience my Mother and me. We walk here for all of you who in love want to partake of the beauty and wisdom of Mother Earth.

The gratitude to Mother cannot be described in words, it must be experienced. And it is experienced in every breath during our conscious walk.

I Knew You Were Waiting…

So, we meet again. As I have longed. Now We are re-connected, again. I receive and enjoy your touch. I never lost hope. I knew we were going to meet again, and again, and again…

Sometimes we get separated on our walk. But in the depths of our hearts, We are connected and know without understanding that we will meet again. All is about love and trust!

Who Are You?

You come hovering towards me… flying with ease straight towards me. I do not understand what my eyes are seeing… I look into your huge eyes… and I wake up…

You stroke close past me and whisper… come with me… you are in the unknown… when you release your interpretations of the world everything is possible… follow along and I will teach you to fly with me.

Fina DU

Are you whispering to Me. We do not really need words, but You practice… Takes in the words as if you heard them for the first time. And maybe that’s how it is. It is the first time you truly embrace and experience the truth in you in depth.

Fina DU! The words ring in our bodies, vibrating with the love between us.

Hey you! I’m Smiley!

Do you want to help me? And share a smile with everyone you meet?

That makes me happy!

And you, keep smiling even if you have lost a tooth or so… I do! You see, it doesn’t matter. Your smile is so beautiful… it spreads such a good warmth when I meet you. Do you feel it in your body too, how the heat spreads?!

You see… a smile can make all the difference if we are in connection or not. Keep smiling with me!

Are you talking to me?

Did I hear right? Are you saying you love me? That You Love Me Just the Way I Am?

Now, I’m listening… Say it again please…


Stay aware… & Life is a joyful adventure

Being aware in the present is the difference between to live or being dead on the savannah. We all have the choice to live our lives like a new glorious day on the savannah, open and present in all encounters.

When we live present in our bodies and follow the pulsating flow of life, we can enjoy and rejoice in even what may seem like a deadly threat to our survival. Calmly rooted and in confidence in the power of the body, we enjoy the encounter with the cheetah. When we trust our bodies the fear is transformed into joy, the joy of living here and now.

We all have the possibility to discover our own predators that live within us and that we give birth to with our thoughts and emotions when we are unconscious. That take us away from the present moment and away from the experience of the life energy flowing within us. We also meet predators out there that we may also try to deal with by thinking, which only takes us further away from ourselves and the inherent power. When we very attentively and consciously, grounded in our bodies, meet the predator in the Now, we find that the fear disappears and leaves room for joy and love. The transforming power of the Now is available to all of us. We make the choice of what and to whom we pay our attention.

The savannah is here and now. And we can all meet and embrace our inner predator and discover the beauty and strength she gives us when we dare to meet her and listen to what she wants to convey to us. When we now walk together in respect and integrity and we in the exterior meet another predator, we meet it calmly and without fear in respect of that predator’s own walk on this earth. Now we see that he is also one of the children of Mother Earth, responsible for his own life and the choices he does. We all have our free will to expand our consciousness and create more joy and love in the Now.

Hang on!

Do you see… I’m on! Do you also want to hang on? You are so warmly welcome! You as We who know that we all have the choice and the possibility to create the world we want to live in.

And you who do not know it… yet… You have all that power in you, You too! Join Us.

The time is now! We can not wait for someone else to create the world we want to live in. We live it right here and now! I and all friends choose the path of joy and love! The path of expanding consciousness. Welcome to join us on this joyful journey.

Here she comes… The Adventurer…

Open to the new life, she takes her exploratory steps to more connection. She knows that her mother is lying in the tree above and follows her steps out into the world with a protective gaze. The mother who knows that the daughter needs to strengthen trust in life by trying her agility and strength in new encounters.

Yes, she is a true adventurer who doesn’t let old memories stop her from exploring joy and love. She radiates peace and warmth in full presence. Now we meet! We’re close to each other now. Old fears that prevented us from our connection disappear. Brave you who with trusting steps invite us all to more connection, joy and love. You show us that everything is possible when we dare to explore life outside our old patterns. Life is what is going on here and now. In every breath we are in connection!

The Puzzle of Life!

I loved assembling puzzles as a child… to find the right piece. Then I just kept doing so in life, looked for the pieces of the puzzle out there. Convinced as I was that someone else had the right piece for me. And I never got the puzzle together…

Now that my heart guides me, the pieces of the puzzle is coming to me. It’s the most beautiful puzzle, it’s the Puzzle of Life. And I no longer create it alone in my room as when I was little …We are all co-creators of life’s beautiful puzzles.

Authentic connection…

… Without obstacles… and expectations of how we should be. We only Are, living in connection with our authentic Self. Herein lies freedom and love.

And in this Now I meet you my beloved in pure love and authentic connection.

I’m the Boss…

… In my life! I stop for a moment of the play so that you can really see me… Get closer… Look me deep in the eyes… Do you see… everything is already here in me. Do you see now how I shine in trust and love!

I’ve been waiting so long for you! At last, you join us and we all play together. You allow yourself to let go of all thoughts of what seriousness and play are. And the belief that you can not be the Boss in your own life. Now we follow the energy of the play to new life-affirming insights into the joy of life.

Come and play with us you too, YOU who want to be the boss in your own life. The playground is waiting for you too, in this Now.

Energy in various forms

I know how to refill energy, so I get renewed power to play with you my friend. Most often you see me in joyful play at full speed, up and down and around we play. In full trust, that the next tree stretches out its embracing arms and catches me, I jump to meet you.

But even I need to stop for a moment and in stillness refill with new energy. I breathe in and out, and fully enjoy this moment.

To keep the balance even when it is stormy…

We all have two wings that carry us, but many of us live as single-winged beings. A life that causes us to move in the same circle over and over again. It is our two wings that when they work together lift us and give us perspective over the agitated sea beneath. Our challenge as human being is to open up to the mystery of our body. Our body that knows what it is like to live in balance and harmony when we integrate the knowledge that we are two winged. You show us how our other wing evolves when we listen to what you tell us. Now we live in trust that the wings carry when it swings under our feet.

Full of wonder

for the power of the creative hand … to feel life pulsating in the body … grateful to live life here and now as a newborn and rediscover the magical body of which our living being is a part.

Now I’m coming out

…from everything I hid behind. I am pure energy ∞ love.

Grateful to live in this amazing creation that the body is the visible proof of. Life’s Wonderful Paradoxes!

Forward together…

Follow me… this is fun… I will take you where you are going… you do not need to know where and how, rest in your trust in me as you do.

This is where we find joy, when we are together and not separated. Yes, you guessed right… behind me hides my friend… do you see her… now? We are never alone when we are aware of the life that is going on here and now.

The Great Mother

Here she comes, the Mother. She who is not afraid of anyone. She who leads her child to water. Even the lions give way in peace and respect for her. And Now the child comes forward, safe by her Mother’s side, she drinks herself unthirsty. The mother who knows what we honestly need and invites us to partake of her gifts. She who knows that we are all children of her.

From the Depths…

… You appear and show Yourself, your whole magnificent Self. Ah… it’s me too… Oh… think what I love you, just like you are… you too are a beauty in my life… from the depths you show me to love all parts of me.

You are so beautiful… in your own way… think so much that is lost when we only see the surface… grateful that you take me down to the depths to embrace more and more of the beauty in me.

Do not be afraid of me, you say, it’s never as you think, here below throbs the warmest and most loving of hearts. The more you know yourself, the more you know me and everyone else.

Togetherness in authenticity!

The warm calm joy of being together spreads in the body. No demands and expectations that I should be in any special way. Yes, it’s pure joy to realize that I do not have to adapt, unless I choose it myself… consciously choose it. The time is over when, for fear of what others will believe and think, I prevented myself from showing myself as I am.

Beloved hippos! You are much, of everything! You take your place when you need your space to be. You show me how I can enjoy, be in my own territory and at the same time be in close company with others. We are now walking the path of genuine and honest relationships together, knowing that everyone can choose this path when they want.

That which exists but is not seen…

All these invisible battles that were going on inside of me, and that I played out as if they were real. To me they were very real. Those around me did not see who I was fighting with, but were still affected. Until I started to see the battles for what they are, taking responsibility for my thoughts and understand what they create … The life I live.

Now I open up more and more to what is not visible but which affects me, all I meet and Life. And Now, in the present moment, in the middle of the “fight” I realize, this is fun. This is not to “fight”, it is another part of me that I discover and get to play with. We roll around together in joy. Wow what an enrichment to unleash the power in me, the playfulness that takes me to even more connection and love. And I realize that deep inside of me there was some part that did not consider me worthy of this, to play and rejoice. Now you are, consciously, a part of me. We are one. We rejoice, play and love.

Time to fly!

Having the courage to fly comes with trust, the trust that I am not alone but a part of everyone who co-creates in love and trust. Life is full of paradoxes. To be able to fly, I need to walk with the elephants. The elephants know all about the importance of grounding, grounded here and now, in the eternally present moment. They show me that we all contribute to the whole. Now we glide with a wonderful ease into the sky. Your gaze is penetrating, and you see everything. Thank you, lovely Kite, who with your wings lifts me to new perspectives. You know and teach me that much is not what it seems to be. You invite me to look at patterns in my life from new perspectives. Patterns that have kept me in the story. It is painful to see a loved one not choose life. Today I know that the pain was mine, that I can grieve and that I have a choice to let go of the story and the pain. I do not know what is right for someone else and why someone makes the choices they do. Now with your help I let go of these old patterns. I fly with you and rejoice to feel that the wings carry. We welcome everyone to fly, walk, swim, get moving to change perspectives and be a co-creator with us in life. With new perspectives, I know that everyone is invited and that everyone chooses their own path.

Get up out of your shadow!

The shadow is forever a companion to us. And we all have the choice and the opportunity to rise out of our shadow and stop letting it unconsciously control our lives. In the shadow exists all experiences, both “light” and “dark”, we have had which we for various reasons not have been able to meet and consciously integrate. The reasons are uninteresting, the interesting and life-giving thing is to start walking. Each step in full presence expands our consciousness and is a step towards increased freedom and love.

And now, the shadow is almost invisible. Now it’s You we’re seeing, not your shadow. How You walk towards us calm, powerful, and dignified. Step by step, you guide us to increased consciousness. Thank you, beloved Elephant who shares all your wisdom and lets us walk with you in trust and love.

To bite off…

is a necessity not to be eaten. And it is enough to do it energetically, not literally. Being in contact with your body and experiencing what different emotions want to convey to us is vital. Anger was a feeling I learned early on was not okay to have, and which I thus pushed away, terrified of what it could lead to if I expressed it. Today I know that the anger when it is recognized, embraced and flows healthy and free within me helps me set healthy boundaries.

The contours of life…

Lovely you, who proudly and clearly embraces all life. Majestically you walk across the savannah, clear and confident with who you are. You know that everything is within ourselves. You show us how in the exploration of what is hidden within the contour we create more aliveness in life. The clearer and lucid our contour of our true Self becomes, the freer we become to live our lives in respect, dignity, trust and love.

Alone but not lonely

The gratitude is great and peaceful joy spreads throughout the body. What a privilege it is to walk here alone for a while. You showed me that the road I ran with everyone else was the lonely road, the road to greater and greater loneliness. And that I needed to become alone to find the path that took me from loneliness to connection. Now I continue my journey, knowing we all are in connection.

In Connection…

What made me so afraid of you? On the walk with the elephants we meet, again and again. And Now, when I stop and really look into your eyes, I understand that I do not need to know the answer to the question. Yes, you are the most successful hunter on the savannah but when we meet in connection, you and I, it is your love you convey. And I now understand that it was my own fear that stood in the way of the connection, the “ego” who wanted control and always wanted to know why.

Now I stay in my body, and from here we meet, you in yours and I in mine. All wisdom is shown in your eyes, when I dare to stay in touch. You show me that when I am not in connection with my true Self ∞ Soul, I easily become a prey or a predator. When we live in contact, we all live in respect, dignity, and love for everything and everyone. In our connection, fear is transformed into love.

We are all vulnerable in searching for the source…

Even the king of animals is in need of the source of all life. He risks his life to drink from it even though other predators lurk beneath the surface. He shows us how we can approach the source in great respect for all living beings and in the same time be in connection with our vulnerability. We all share this source, whether we are the king or anyone else. And the source gives us our strength.

Are you, like me, open and curious about life?

But that it feels safe to know that Mum is close when I take my exploratory steps into the new life that is going on here and now. I really want to know what it’s like out there… I reach out and forward to get in touch. And yes, there you are! But do I dare to take the step forward to more connection?

YES!!! I want, I dare, I can, I do!

With the support of the Elephants, everything is possible. As a confident Mother, they hold the energy as I, We, take our steps to more and more connection. And they smile and rejoice for and with all of us who get in true connection. They know that is what makes a difference in the world.

Contact with obstacles …

I so longed for this connection with you, but when you offered it I got terrified. Thank you dear Elephant who did not give up but over and over again showed me your love, so that I dared to show mine to you.

You teach me more and more about what connection is. You guide me past the obstacles that stood in the way of connection. Lovingly you show me that it was myself, my fear, which was the first and biggest obstacle to genuine connection. Grateful that you taught me that, it give me hope, because it is something I can influence and change. To step out and walk with you in every encounter to learn more about connection and love for each other is a magical gift. A gift we share with everyone who wants to live in connection and love. We all have this opportunity to see and get past the obstacles we experience we have to live in genuine connection and love, in all relationships.

To Receive

The gift of receiving, totally obvious, because I know I’m worth it. As a small child, you do not question the obvious, that You have a value just as You are!

Along the path of life, I lost the obvious and created many strategies that prevented me from receiving, for fear that I would not be able to “pay” back. Today I know that I have been offered so many gifts that I have not seen, or seen but not dared to receive. I feel great love for her in me who was so scared. Now I gratefully receive and We grow as I receive. And as I grow, I have more and more to give, to others who want to grow and share their gifts. Together we have so much to give by daring to receive, feel, and, live our own unique value.

Balancing act at high altitude!

Thank you loved ones who show me how, after losing half your tail, you regained your power and balance. You know how to use the flow of energy to come back to life.

We meet and your life energy shines through. We converse and you show me the way to balance, that we can all get in balance in and to life if we follow the path of energy. In connection with the power that flows in our wires, we change lives.

In pace with Life!

The elephants know how to walk in pace with life. They are not one step ahead of, or behind. They walk in pacewith the Life that is going on Here and Now. And they invite us all to walk at this pace. To feel Mother Earth’s breath in our feet, in constant connection. When we feel it, there is no longer any need to try to run either too fast, too slow, or to stand still in not knowing how to move forward in life. Feel the peace and love of walking in pace with life in this Now!

What imprint are you leaving?

We all have a choice of what imprints we leave behind here where we walk. With the support of the Elephants, I walk the powerful path of love. During the walk, it means that I take responsibility for the fears I face and who want to take me away from the path of love.

I am deeply grateful to all who have walked and walk by my side to transform fears into pure power and love. We all have this possibility. The choice and responsibility which imprint we leave behind is our own.

Beloved Sister!

Thank you for being in my life! A long walk away to get home again and for us to meet in a whole new way. Now as “Sisters”, not big and little sisters. In great respect and love that we grew up together in the same family but came to walk out into life on different paths where I eventually got lost. I lost connection with my origin and with you.

The joy, love, and gratitude can not be described in words when I now with the support of the elephants walk in connection again and that we have reconnected beloved sister. I now live my love for the elephants and remember your love for the hippos when we as children followed life on the savannah in our TV couch. This picture is to you beloved sister!

I see You!

Even when you hide in the grass, I know that you are there. It is not like you think, that you see me. I welcome you to come forward and meet me, as you are and I am. The freedom when we meet beyond what we hide behind is magical. You do not have to be afraid of me, though my power is great. I walk with love in the ever-present moment.

We love each other … and show it …

The elephants know to show their emotions, in many different ways …

Together with the elephants, all emotions are welcome, appreciated and they flow freely. The elephants know that the body carries and remembers what I once could not handle and suppressed, e.g. grief, anger and fear. In connection with the elephants I reconnected with mySelf, and the tears began to flow, healing tears, of sorrow but also of joy and love. I who have been so afraid to cry, now came the tears, and the fear to show my vulnerability releases its grip on me. Grateful that the elephants show me the way to let go and trust the wisdom of the body. The freedom when old blocked emotions begin to flow and the body starts to vibrate of life is magical.

Pure Power!

The joy of life flows in for each layer of old applied protection that is rinsed off until pure power remains in each cell. Join us in the cleansing and life-giving water to come to your power. The freedom when we no longer have to hide behind old masks is magical. Life is magical!

To be touched…

Reaching out and up, to be touched, and share our love is magical. A kiss and a hug changes lives. Thank you beloved Elephants who hold all love until we are ready to receive and embody it.

It was a long journey for me before I dared to open myself to love, in and to life. To trust that it was for me too. The next step was to dare to show it openly and to share it with other souls. The elephants want to show us humans another path in this time, a path of power and love.

What an interesting shadow…

Imagine that for so long I was afraid of my own shadow… what was hidden in and by it. Today I know that as long as I was not familiar with the shadow, it controlled and ruled me, unconsciously. The paradox is that the shadow both hid and contained what I longed for and was most afraid of, Love.

The elephants know that everyone is responsible for their own shadow, but that they can help each other to see it and to dare to take the step and emerge from the shadow. We are born to walk with our shadow but not in each other’s.

I love my spots and scars…

We all have our different spots and scars. And we all choose for ourselves how we relate to them. It took me a long time to embrace and love my whole being. It has been a long walk where I have seen more and more wounds that are now being transformed into scars. Scars that I embrace because they show me that I live and take responsibility for my life. As wounds, they were painful. The interesting thing is that I myself even “maintained” a lot of the wounds from healing when I was stuck in old patterns about how I should be, look and live my life.

Allowing myself to love myself and choose my own path changed life. Today I see in the scars and spots the gifts of life, they show that I live and love. Thank you beloved leopard who shows your beauty beyond all spots and scars and I show mine beauty, as I am. Everything is in the eye of the beholder. Herein lies the freedom!

It’s okay to be shy…

Beloved, you are beautiful as you are. You no longer have to pretend to be someone you are not. You do not have to dress in different masks to be loved and included. You are seen and included, even if you do not always think so.

Yes, even when you do not think I see you, because you do not see me, I see you and has always done. It’s okay to be a little shy when you now show yourself as who you are in your origin beyond everything you needed to hide behind.

Let us play…

To give me time to play, experiment and explore new untested paths were long “taboo” for me. The focus was on working and securing my pension, my life. On the surface I could seem happy but at the depth it was control that mattered. I tried to predict what could happen and take actions in advance to prevent undesired events.

Today I know that I can not, do not want to, control life. What I can do is observe the thoughts, that take me away from the Now, and stop me from being kidnapped by them. And follow the invitation to play to love! The elephants know how to live in the ever-present moment, here where everything flows with Life. They welcome me, you and all of us in the play that will take us into our bodies and to the source of joy and love.

Reaching high…

To reach high I need to stand steady, grounded in myself. Beloved Elephants showing me the power of my own steps. Step by step they took me inward, to reach out, down and up from there. No one can take my steps for me, only me, but the Elephants show me the path and lets me explore, step by step, the path of life. Together with the Elephants, I am in trust in Life. Life is like a safari journey, if I open myself to it. And that is how I now live life. On safari, every day is a new day with new possibilities and meetings. I do not know what awaits around the next bush … An elephant perhaps, or a leopard, squirrel, secretary bird, and giraffes and… or… nothing… that becomes everything…Being open to the unexpected and unpredictable takes me on the journey of life. To unleash the joy of discovery, not letting fear control me anymore, is wonderful. Welcome the adventurer in me and all you adventurers out there who are waiting for the next step in life … come along, come and walk with the Elephants in the exploration of the Path of Life.

It is never too late to let go and grow up…

Although it is safe and comfortable to stay with “mum”, sooner or later it will be time to step out into life and explore your own path. If we are lucky, we have a supportive “mother” who pushes us out into life but who for a while lets us come home again to recharge some energy to take new steps out again, to more freeedom.

I can manage myself!

It was for a long time an unconscious key word for me. And I was also proud to manage myself. I did not ask for help, or even received help that was offered to me, if it could in any way make me appear as weak and someone who can not manage herself… What I know today is that I did not dare to be in connection with my vulnerability and the fragility in me at all. To dare to open up and include it has been a long walk. It has been a step forward and a step back, a new step forward, staggering and slowly with small steps it goes forward. Being in touch with my vulnerability and fragility opens up for a completely different connection with other beings and to more love.

Elephants know that “alone is strong” is a chimera. We are here to support and give love to each other. And to get the energy to flow freely, we need both to receive and to give from our heart.

Life is wonderful!

Turn up our faces and enjoy the sun shining down on all of us. Stretch out and receive and feel life flow in the body. Breathe in and let go of all the old “history” that prevents us from receiving the riches of life. Everything is in the present moment.

Gratefully I let myself be inspired! I try, once, twice, several times… slowly releases the tensions in the body that have kept me in the past and through which lens I met the future. The realization that it is I myself who chooses how I perceive life is liberating. And the journey there went through the body, not the intellect. Thank you beloved body that carries and keeps the life energy flowing!

To learn to walk again…

When the thoughts start and lift me away from the present, Mother Earth helps me return to the Now by “laying down my legs” in various ways and making me come back down to earth again.

I realize that I needed to learn to land in myself to now start walking again, in a conscious way. Grateful to have the opportunity to explore and now walk in the way it is meant for me to walk, at my own pace and not at someone else’s pace. My way of walking is not your way, but the elephants invite us all to discover our own unique way of walking.

Are you stuck?

I know how it feels to be stuck and struggle to get up again, over and over again. It’s easy to slip into old holes and let the thoughts start to flow, one “disaster” thought after another. Thoughts that just took me deeper into the mud and the feeling of being alone in this experience. Today I know that I am not alone in experiencing and have experienced what I do. And being stuck also brings something good with it. To no longer be able to escape from what I did not want to face, in me, was also the way out of the hole.

The Elephants know that the power to take us up is here when we let go of the thoughts, and blockages in our bodies, that prevent the power from taking place within us. We stand here beside you and support you in being in the present moment while you let the power into your life. The power is in the present, not in history or the future.

Come on – Let’s fight

The realization that the one I fight with out there actually is a part of me strikes me. The other only reflect another of part of me. Imagine how much energy I have put into fighting “out there” over the years, a fight where me and my combatant have been stuck in a constantly ongoing dance, only in different degrees of intensity. And if a combatant deviated from the battle, a new one appeared fairly immediately. Until the day I make a new choice. To meet the combatant in me and make me aware that the fight is going on “in here”. The freedom each time I can stop myself from entering a “fight” is great. And the gratitude is enormous to the elephants who “hold” me in these meetings. Sometimes I end up in new battles again. But now I know that in every meeting I, and the combatant, have the opportunity to learn something new, about ourselves, as a group and about Life on Mother Earth. The elephants know that everything is lessons to more awareness!

Hey you, where are you going?

Realizing that the flock’s path was not mine and daring to walk my own path required courage. Courage, I had no idea I had. Today I know that we get help along the path, from our soul and “Life”, when it is time to move on and stop following a path that is not ours. Life “served” me with encounters and circumstances, such as losing my job, to make me reflect on whose path I was walking. I am deeply grateful to everyone who in various ways contributed to that I walk with the elephants in this ever present moment.

Come on, don’t just stand there…

We are created to move. Everything is constantly changing. Come on … Over the years, it’s easy to get stiff and keep doing what “we always done”. It can be experienced as safely. But that is an illusion. Life goes on all the time, everything is constantly changing and evolving. And I have the choice whether to start walking, or stand still. It is often out of fear of the unknown that we stay. I have made my choice and I walk with the elephants. Happy and grateful for their push and support to start walking, in the present moment, in and for Life and Love.

How many eyes do you have?

Not so long ago, I was terrified of spiders, even our Swedish “harmless” spiders. And now I welcome them into my life. What a gift in life to have them around us. They are everywhere, in all different forms and it is so interesting to study how many eyes they have. Wonder what they see that I do not see? How many eyes do you have? And with what eyes do you see? And what do you see? The spiders help me open my eyes to everything that is just waiting to be discovered, if I just open all my eyes. But first I needed to transform the fear.

To die…

The fear of being “killed” kept me trapped until I started walking with the elephants. A fear I was not even aware of. But controlled me from living my life fully, in my truth and love. The spider showed me the difference between “neurotic” fear, which paradoxically kills life, and the pure flowing feeling of fear that gives life.