The elephants took me out into the river, the unknown, to get to the source of all life!

During my walk I have met and meet different creatures who all have something to tell me. About themselves, me, us, and the world. In the past, I did not really listen and often missed what was actually conveyed. I heard the words and saw the visible, what my five senses told me. Or more correctly, to varying degrees what the senses told me. To me, the dominant senses were sight and then hearing. I barely listened to my body at all. During the examination day for the training “Internal and External Leadership”, the words came to me, which became my “statement” at the examination, words conveyed by the Elephants. They said to me Listen…             in every heartbeat is the truth”

Below we share what our friends, that we encountered on our walks, told and showed us. Welcome to meet and open up for whoever tells you about Life and Love that we are here to live when we open our hearts…

Contact with obstacles …

I so longed for this contact with you, but when you offered it I got terrified. Thank you dear Elephant who did not give up but over and over again showed me your love, so that I dared to show mine to you.

You teach me more and more about what contact is. You guide me past the obstacles that stood in the way of contact. Lovingly you show me that it was myself, my fear, which was the first and biggest obstacle to genuine contact. Grateful that you taught me that, it give me hope, because it is something I can influence and change. To step out and walk with you in every meeting to learn more about contact and love for each other is a magical gift. A gift we share with everyone who wants to live in contact and love. We all have this opportunity to see and get past the obstacles we experience we have to live in genuine contact and love, in all relationships.

To Receive

The gift of receiving, totally obvious, because I know I’m worth it. As a small child, you do not question the obvious, that I have a value just as I am.

Along the path of life, I lost the obvious and created many strategies that prevented me from receiving, for fear that I would not be able to “pay” back. Today I know that I have been offered so many gifts that I have not seen, or seen but not dared to receive. I feel great love for her in me who was so scared. Now I gratefully receive and We grow as I receive. And as I grow, I have more and more to give, to others who want to grow and share their gifts. Together we have so much to give by daring to receive, feel, and, live our own unique value.

Balancing act at high altitude!

Thank you loved ones who show me how, after losing half your tail, you regained your power and balance. You know how to use the flow of energy to come back to life. We meet and your life energy shines through. We converse and you show me the way to balance, that we can all get in balance in and to life if we follow the path of energy. In contact with the power that flows in our wires, we change lives.

In step with Life!

The elephants know how to walk in step with life. They are not one step ahead of, or behind, but walk in step with the Life that is going on Here and Now. They invite us all to walk at this pace. To feel Mother Earth’s breath in our feet, in constant contact. When we feel it, there is no longer any need to try to run either too fast, too slow, or to stand still in not knowing how to move forward in life. Feel the peace and love of walking in step with life in this Now!

What imprint are you leaving?

We all have a choice of what imprints we leave behind here where we walk. With the support of the elephants, I walk the powerful path of love. During the walk, it means that I take responsibility for the fears I face and who want to take me away from the path of love. I am deeply grateful to all who have walked and walk by my side to transform fears into pure power and love. We all have this opportunity. The choice and responsibility which imprint we leave behind is our own.

Beloved Sister!

Thank you for being in my life! A long walk away to get home again and for us to meet in a whole new way. Now as “Sisters”, not big and little sisters. In great respect and love that we grew up together in the same family but came to walk out into life on different paths where I eventually got lost. I lost touch with my origin and with you. The joy, love, and gratitude can not be described in words when I now with the support of the elephants walk in contact again and that we have reconnected our contact beloved sister. I now live my love for the elephants and remember your love for the hippos when we as children followed life on the savannah in our TV couch. This picture is to you beloved sister!

I see You!

Even when you hide in the grass, I know that you are there. It is not like you think, that you see me. I welcome you to come forward and meet me, as you are and I am. The freedom when we meet beyond what we hide behind is magical. You do not have to be afraid of me, though my power is great. I walk with love in the ever-present moment.

We love each other … and show it …

The elephants know to show their emotions, in many different ways …

Together with the elephants, all emotions are welcome, appreciated and they flow freely. The elephants know that the body carries and remembers what I once could not handle and suppressed, e.g. grief, anger and fear. In contact with the elephants I came in contact with myself, and the tears began to flow, healing tears, of sorrow but also of joy and love. I who have been so afraid to cry, now came the tears, and the fear to show my vulnerability releases its grip on me. Grateful that the elephants show me the way to let go and trust the wisdom of the body. The freedom when old blocked emotions begin to flow and the body starts to vibrate of life is magical.

Pure Power!

The joy of life flows in for each layer of old applied protection that is rinsed off until pure power remains in each cell. Join us in the cleansing and life-giving water to come to your power. The freedom when we no longer have to hide behind old masks is magical. Life is magical!

To be touched…

Reaching out and up, to be touched, and share our love is magical. A kiss and a hug changes lives. Thank you beloved Elephants who hold all love until we are ready to receive and embody it.

It was a long journey for me before I dared to open myself to love, in and to life. To trust that it was for me too. The next step was to dare to show it openly and to share it with other souls. The elephants want to show us humans another path in this time, a path of power and love.

What an interesting shadow

Imagine that for so long I was afraid of my own shadow… what was hidden in and by it. Today I know that as long as I was not familiar with the shadow, it controlled and ruled me, unconsciously. The paradox is that the shadow both hid and contained what I longed for and was most afraid of, Love.

The elephants know that everyone is responsible for their own shadow, but that they can help each other to see it and to dare to take the step and emerge from the shadow. We are born to walk with our shadow but not in each other’s.

I love my spots and scars…

We all have our different spots and scars. And we all choose for ourselves how we relate to them. It took me a long time to embrace and love my whole being. It has been a long walk where I have seen more and more wounds that are now being transformed into scars. Scars that I embrace because they show me that I live and take responsibility for my life. As wounds, they were painful. The interesting thing is that I myself even “maintained” a lot of the wounds from healing when I was stuck in old patterns about how I should be, look and live my life. Allowing myself to love myself and choose my own path changed life. Today I see in the scars and spots the gifts of life, they show that I live and love. Thank you beloved leopard who shows your beauty beyond all spots and scars and I show mine beauty, as I am. Everything is in the eye of the beholder. Herein lies the freedom!

It’s okay to be shy…

Beloved, you are beautiful as you are. You no longer have to pretend to be someone you are not. You do not have to dress in different masks to be loved and included. You are seen and included, even if you do not always think so. Yes, even when you do not think I see you, because you do not see me, I see you and has always done. It’s okay to be a little shy when you now show yourself as who you are in your origin beyond everything you needed to hide behind.

Let us play…

To give me time to play, experiment and explore new untested paths were long “taboo” for me. The focus was on working and securing my pension, my life. On the surface I could seem happy but at the depth it was control that mattered. I tried to predict what could happen and take actions in advance to prevent undesired events. Today I know that I can not, do not want to, control life. What I can do is observe the thoughts, that take me away from the Now, and stop me from being kidnapped by them. And follow the invitation to play to love! The elephants know how to live in the ever-present moment, here where everything flows with Life. They welcome me, you and all of us in the play that will take us into our bodies and to the source of joy and love.

Reaching high…

To reach high I need to stand steady, grounded in myself. Beloved Elephants showing me the power of my own steps. Step by step they took me inward, to reach out and up from there. No one can take my steps for me, only me, but the Elephants show me the path and lets me explore, step by step, the path of life. Together with the Elephants, I am in trust in Life. Life is like a safari journey, if I open myself to it. And that is how I now live life. On safari, every day is a new day with new opportunities and meetings. I do not know what awaits around the next bush … An elephant perhaps, or a leopard, squirrel, secretary bird, and giraffes and… or… nothing… that becomes everything…Being open to the unexpected and unpredictable takes me on the journey of life. To unleash the joy of discovery, not letting fear control me anymore, is wonderful. Welcome the adventurer in me and all you adventurers out there who are waiting for the next step in life … come along, come and walk with the Elephants in the exploration of the Path of Life.

It is never too late to let go and grow up…

Although it is safe and comfortable to stay with “mum”, sooner or later it will be time to step out into life and explore your own path. If we are lucky, we have a supportive “mother” who pushes us out into life but who for a while lets us come home again to recharge some energy to take new steps out again, to more freeedom.

I can manage myself!

It was for a long time an unconscious key word for me. And I was also proud to manage myself. I did not ask for help, or even received help that was offered to me, if it could in any way make me appear as weak and someone who can not manage herself… What I know today is that I did not dare to be in contact with my vulnerability and the fragility in me at all. To dare to open up and include it has been a long walk. It has been a step forward and a step back, a new step forward, staggering and slowly with small steps it goes forward. Being in touch with my vulnerability and fragility opens up for a completely different contact with other beings and for more love.

Elephants know that “alone is strong” is a chimera. We are here to support and give love to each other. And to get the energy to flow freely, we need both to receive and to give from our heart.

Life is wonderful!

Turn up our faces and enjoy the sun shining down on all of us. Stretch out and receive and feel life flow in the body. Breathe in and let go of all the old “history” that prevents us from receiving the riches of life. Everything is in the present moment. Gratefully I let myself be inspired! I try, once, twice, several times… slowly releases the tensions in the body that have kept me in the past and through which lens I met the future. The realization that it is I myself who chooses how I perceive life is liberating. And the journey there went through the body, not the intellect. Thank you beloved body that carries and keeps the life energy flowing!

To learn to walk again…

When the thoughts start and lift me away from the present, Mother Earth helps me return to the Now by “laying down my legs” in various ways and making me come back down to earth again. I realize that I needed to learn to land in myself to now start walking again, in a conscious way. Grateful to have the opportunity to explore and now walk in the way it is meant for me to walk, at my own pace and not at someone else’s pace. My way of walking is not your way, but the elephants invite us all to discover our own unique way of walking.

Are you stuck?

I know how it feels to be stuck and struggle to get up again, over and over again. It’s easy to slip into old holes and let the thoughts start to flow, one “disaster” thought after another. Thoughts that just took me deeper into the mud and the feeling of being alone in this experience. Today I know that I am not alone in experiencing and have experienced what I do. And being stuck also brings something good with it. To no longer be able to escape from what I did not want to face, in me, was also the way out of the hole. The Elephants know that the power to take us up is here when we let go of the thoughts, and blockages in our bodies, that prevent the power from taking place within us. We stand here beside you and support you in being in the present moment while you let the power into your life. The power is in the present, not in history or the future.

Come on – Let’s fight

The realization that the one I fight with out there actually is a part of me strikes me. The other only reflect another of part of me. Imagine how much energy I have put into fighting “out there” over the years, a fight where me and my combatant have been stuck in a constantly ongoing dance, only in different degrees of intensity. And if a combatant deviated from the battle, a new one appeared fairly immediately. Until the day I make a new choice. To meet the combatant in me and make me aware that the fight is going on “in here”. The freedom each time I can stop myself from entering a “fight” is great. And the gratitude is enormous to the elephants who “hold” me in these meetings. Sometimes I end up in new battles again. But now I know that in every meeting I, and the combatant, have the opportunity to learn something new, about ourselves, as a group and about Life on Mother Earth. The elephants know that everything is lessons to more awareness!

Hey you, where are you going?

Realizing that the flock’s path was not mine and daring to walk my own path required courage. Courage, I had no idea I had. Today I know that we get help along the path, from our soul and “Life”, when it is time to move on and stop following a path that is not ours. Life “served” me with encounters and circumstances, such as losing my job, to make me reflect on whose path I was walking. I am deeply grateful to everyone who in various ways contributed to that I walk with the elephants in this ever present moment.

Come on, don’t just stand there…

We are created to move. Everything is constantly changing. Come on … Over the years, it’s easy to get stiff and keep doing what “we always done”. It can be experienced as safely. But that is an illusion. Life goes on all the time, everything is constantly changing and evolving. And I have the choice whether to start walking, or stand still. It is often out of fear of the unknown that we stay. I have made my choice and I walk with the elephants. Happy and grateful for their push and support to start walking, in the present moment, in and for Life and Love.

How many eyes do you have?

Not so long ago, I was terrified of spiders, even our Swedish “harmless” spiders. And now I welcome them into my life. What a gift in life to have them around us. They are everywhere, in all different forms and it is so interesting to study how many eyes they have. Wonder what they see that I do not see? How many eyes do you have? And with what eyes do you see? And what do you see? The spiders help me open my eyes to everything that is just waiting to be discovered, if I just open all my eyes. But first I needed to transform the fear.

To die…

The fear of being “killed” kept me trapped until I started walking with the elephants. A fear I was not even aware of. But controlled me from living my life fully, in my truth and love. The spider showed me the difference between “neurotic” fear, which paradoxically kills life, and the pure flowing feeling of fear that gives life.

Life is everywhere…

When I let go of the fear of what I would face, I realize that there is life and love everywhere. Thank you beloved spiders who for so long had to carry my fear of life, life that moves uncontrollably. To an understanding that this is exactly where life goes on, in the constant uncontrollable flow. You teach me that it is not the unknown we should be afraid of, but the known we do not see when we do not want to open our eyes. They welcome us on the journey to let the fear be transformed into more life in life.

To bite off…

is a necessity not to be eaten. And it is enough to do it energetically, not literally. Being in contact with your body and experiencing what different emotions want to convey to us is vital. Anger was a feeling I learned early on was not okay to have, and which I thus pushed away, terrified of what it could lead to if I expressed it. Today I know that the anger when it is recognized, embraced and flows healthy and free within me helps me set healthy boundaries.