I stepped off the path of auditing and the work with governance, management, and control, and embarked on the elephant path when life helped me close the door to my ongoing work. The crucial decision to dare to close came after an encounter on a journey home from Botswana after once again been walking with the African Elephants. “I cannot just live for my journeys to the physical elephants, and the rest of the year “just survive” and save for the journeys.” Life is what goes on here and now, and the realization that the elephants and I are walking in this Now. The courage to really close the door to “the old life” was that I now felt the trust in and to Life. Today I am active as guide, and invite people to invest in themselves, for themselves and Mother Earth. It is ourselves we can change, not others and the world, but by changing ourselves we change others, and the world.

At the bottom of my luggage of knowledge is a high school engineering degree, and economics and philosophy master’s degrees. During my years as an auditor, I had the pleasure to particpate in many leadership trainings, including UGL, FUGL and the Volvo Group’s one-year training as a functional leader. My interest in trying to understand us humans and what happens in relationships led me to study psychology in parallel with my work as an internal auditor. So now I also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Gothenburg in the luggage. Academic studies greatly enriched my intellectual side, but I realized to get use for everything in my luggage I needed to dig deeper and discover more of what I have in my luggage. To also include the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels more consciously in my life I studied psychosynthesis for three years. And I have a certificate in Internal and External Leadership from the Psychosynthesis Institute. After that, I participated in a one-year development program in Trauma, Energy Work and Reconstructive and received a certificate from Humansky, the Institute for Trauma and Reconstructive. It was during this year that I really came into contact and into the body which transformed me deeply. I began to experience the trust in and to Life.

I have realized how important grades, diplomas and certificates that describe what educations, courses, development programs I have attended have been for me. My “old self” needed these documents to show that “this I can”, an external confirmation that it was true. As the auditor I “was”, everything must be verifiable to be true. But is it true? What do the documents say about my ability to live and lead in what I have learned… Truly little, it is in action that it is shown and not in words. Today I understand that knowledge must be embodied, and I feel from the inside to the outside how I have changed and am changing. I am not who I was ten, three or a year ago, no not even who I was yesterday. Since I started walking with the elephants, I am constantly changing. I am deeply grateful to Marie Fridolf that, after the development program at Humansky, I could continue to walk with her as a master to Systemic Leader Coach. She pushed and initiated me to become my own authority and to follow my own inner Guide. Today we act as colleagues. As Systemic Leader Coaches, we support and empower each other and work for others to meet their inner master. Welcome to learn about empathetic souls, inner master, and Systemic Leader Coach at Systemisk Ledarcoach. Here you can also read about the development program for Systemic Leader Coach and meet us who work in the spirit of systemic leader creation. It is a gift to share Marie’s wisdom, the wisdom Marie conveys to us who want to come home and become our own Masters. Read more about Marie and her gifts to Life on her website “Marie Fridolf”.

Everything I have done and “am doing” in search of the answer to the questions “Who am I” and “What should I contribute to life” leads me to become more and more aware of what I have in my luggage. There are both known and unknown “things”. Much that I have consciously chosen to put down as well as things that I have unconsciously put down. There are also “things” that I unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, let others, individuals and the collective, put in my luggage and that I have chosen to carry around. There is a lot of work to sort my luggage and make me aware of what is there. It is both wonderful moments when I discover “positive things”, as painful moments when I pick out “difficult things”. But the paradox is that it is in the painful “things” that lessons and gifts are found. Opening up to the paradox of life is magical and it changes lives. Sorting also includes taking responsibility for everything in my luggage, even things that I allowed others to put down. Because I am the one who let others put down things and I have many times invited to it too, by not setting boundaries. But the sorting and clearing my luggage becoming lighter and easier to carry and with it increased freedom as a result, and it is worth everything!

Today I know with my “new” experiences and insights of my luggage that it is no coincidence that for many years I worked as economist (Partille Municipality), controller (Vattenfall AB), auditor and certified public professional auditor (KPMG), and as internal auditor (AB VOLVO and Förvaltnings AB Framtiden). I became an expert in governance, management and control and wrote my thesis at the Department of Psychology at the University of Gothenburg on trust and internal governance and control. I wanted to write about the trust that is created when you walk with elephants, but the time was not yet ripe for that then, in the autumn of 2017. Therefore, I combined my old experiences with new ones in my degree project. It is “easy” to read and write about trust, but to really experience trust, not just intellectually, is a completely different matter. There are many scientific definitions of what trust is and many of them point to the importance of daring to show our vulnerability. And it cannot be done through the intellect. To really dare to face and stand in my own vulnerability was, and is, a long journey and for me a prerequisite to get in contact, first with myself, and then with others and build trust from a completely new map… Welcome to read my essay “Trust is the foundation of everything” but if you want to experience what trust is, welcome to walk with me and the elephants, to take you to your own experience of trust.