The guide

I am on a long journey, a journey that began in Ängelholm. Today I walk my own way, an elephant path, the journey has been long and winding. During my journey, I have had many “guides”. Guides that I sometimes listened too much on and sometimes too little on and it is as it should be, everything has helped me to become who I am today. My luggage has become easier and easier to carry along the way. 
My attraction towards nature, and the base in natural sciences after four-year technical school, got me to start studying geology at the University of Uppsala. Fairly quickly it became clear to me that it was a nice hobby, but not what I would like to work with. Then followed studies in Uppsala and Lund in political science, economics and business, etc. Knowledge which I then translated into experiences through more than 20 years working as controller, consultant and auditor. The last ten years as responsible internal auditor focusing on governance, management and control at strategic and operational level. During my years in the private as well as in the public sector, within the Framtiden Group (City of Gothenburg), Volvo Group, KPMG, Vattenfall etc., I have realized that it is how we relate and work together that makes difference, both positive and negative. I do not think more controls and governing documents, etc. leads us to be effective and efficient in carrying out our mission. We need to work starting from ourselves. We need to feel trust! The trust is the reason that I walk on my elephant path today. What trust is to me evolved over the years when with personal development and through the meeting with the elephants, the first time I felt trust in my body. 
I wondered for a long time what makes some people, groups and organisations appears to be more harmonious, happy and successful. More than 15 years ago, I participated in UGL training, development of groups and leaders, which I extended with FUGL. I became more and more interested in human behavior and how we work together to achieve our goals and what our goals are. To increase my understanding I began to study Psychosynthesis. To be able to lead myself and others successfully I realized the need to have a thorough self-knowledge. In the three-year program, the focus was on intrapersonal, interpersonal as well as internal and external leadership. To further extend my academic education, which is Master of Science in Business and Economics and Master of Social Science, I have studied occupational and organizational psychology at the University of Gothenburg and holds now a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. At the same time, I have trained to facilitator within Reconstructive® and Trauma at the Institute for Reconstructive® and Trauma in Scandinavia. Today I am working as guide on inner journeys, also combined with outer journeys. Welcome to join the journey, the journey of life!
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