tlou_organisation© Kent Falk

What is our mission? How do we create the common image of where we are presently and where we are heading? What goals do we need to establish to fulfil our mission? How do we reach there in the most efficient way? 
For many years I worked with evaluation and development of organisations with focus to support the organisation to fulfil its mission and achieve their goals effectively. During these years, the focus on controls and the amount of governing documents increased. We have gone from trust to control, a pendulum motion, I want to turn and go from control to trust to establish the balance . The starting point for me is how all of us can contribute to achieve the organisation’s goals and how we work together on this journey. Together we are more than the parts. We need to understand how the parts fit together and influence each other. 
We need a clear entire picture, of what is needed to create an effective organisation in order to achieve our mission. My work with organisational development is among other things based on the internationally established framework for internal control – COSO – Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission. The key is to work with integrity, values, organisational culture and structure, leadership and teamwork, etc. to establish a solid foundation, the so-called control environment in COSO terms. We are working to identify clear goals and risks to not achieve the goals, risks are managed through the development and implementation of controls. Controls shall be provided to support the organisation to achieve its goals. An important part is to create an organisation where quality assured information and communication flows in order to provide stakeholders inside and outside the organisation with sufficient information for the assessment of the organisation. During the journey in fulfilment of the organisation’s mission, it is also important to monitor the activities we carry out, the intended effect, and that we are moving forward in a purposeful way. To create a learning culture where failures or mistakes are seen as experiences during our continuing journey. A culture in which we are encouraged to give, ask, and receive developmental feedback. 
During the journey it is easy to get lost and focus on the parts, e.g. more controls and risk analysis, rather than the entire picture, why we exist and what our mission is. I will guide you on your journey to become more efficient and to increase job satisfaction.