As I now look upon life, we are all out on a journey, a more or less conscious journey. A journey that takes place both in the inner and the outer world. Life constantly goes on , individually, family life, work life, love life …But do we live our life or do we just stay alive? Do we live our lives so that we honestly can say to ourselves: – I live my life, my life and no one else’s! Or is it that I live, “someone else’s life”? Or do I not live “at all”, do I only stay alive from one day to the next and the next and the next? 
My first experience of truly living, being fully present, was in the encounter with the elephants. To live, not just survive. I, in touch with my authentic Self. For me, it was to come home. 
Today I walk on my elephant path and invite you to accompany me on a conscious and developmental journey. The journey takes place on individual, group, organisation and collective level. It always takes place in the inner, but as I see it, for an inner journey to be meaningful, we need to take it out into the outer world. For life is going on out there, in relation with other souls. 
In my work as a guide, I use all the knowledge, experiences and lessons learned I have acquired during my journey. We start, as on any journey, by mapping our present location, whatever type of journey we shall go on, where are we today? The next question is where do I, we or the organisation want to go, i.e., what is our purpose and mission? The mapping is an important phase that is often overlooked or quickly passed because we are so eager to reach the goal. But if we do not know where we are starting how do we know where we’re heading? Once the map of our present location is drawn, we need to re-focus and clarify what is our purpose or mission. Then we decide the direction. It is along the road development takes place at all levels. The road is the destination. During the journey there will come diversions, some of which are obvious and some that may not be perceived as astray until afterwards. My job as your guide is to provide support on this evolving journey to live your purpose and mission.
tlou_bakgrund© Kent Falk