Welcome on the journey …

An exploring, challenging, exciting, and absolutely wonderful journey. A journey to find your path in life. 
Where are you headed? Who is your guide? Are you on your own path, or …? 
My journey has been going on as long as I can remember and still goes on every day in different forms and intensity. Since more than 15 years my journey is pursued more consciously making it more intense, more fun and challenging, that’s life. The journey takes place in the outer as well as in the inner. The road has not always been straight, on the contrary, it has included many sidetracks. The journey has gone along motorways, national and gravel roads until now when it is crystallizing into an elephant path. I now walk along that path and invites you to join the elephants and me in an exploratory journey of your own path.
tlou_bakgrund© Kent Falk