What is the present stage of our working group? Are we a high performance team? Or are we on the way there, or not? If not, how will we reach there? 
In my work with the development of leaders, employees and groups the basis is Susan Wheelans theories of group development. The first stage is characterized by uncertainty about goals and roles and searching inclusion and safety. The next stage when adequate safety and feeling of inclusion in the group is established, conflicts arise of goals, roles, values etc. This phase is extremely important to get through in order to create trust which is the foundation to take the step to the next stage. 
Now we cooperate better and we have a clearer picture of our mission and goals. Still, there may be different views on how we make our way towards the goal but these conflicts are resolved efficiently. We are moving jointly toward solving our mission and the leader has more consultative role. Once we have a clear and common understanding of our mission and we are all going in the same direction towards the goal, we are in phase four. The roles in the group matches well the individual’s capabilities. The cohesion of the working group is strong and we cooperate effectively, we become a high performance team. 
During the journey from the search for “Dependency and Inclusion” to “Work and Productivity” through the phases “Counter-dependency and Fight” and “Trust and structure” I guide leaders, employees and the entire group.

© Kent Falk